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With our skin care line from Nelly De Vusyt, our guests enjoy premium quality facials by our professional and friendly staff. With the all natural ingredients, this luxurious line of products comes out of Brussels, Belgium. It has been in the making for over 40 years, and uses the Diadermic Method to penetrate deeper and easier into the skin. 

Our Aestheticians have trained with the Nelly De Vuyst to provide top of the line facials, meant to capture your every need. They will determine the right products to use to bring out the very best in your skin. Choose from a wide selection of treatments, all which will be tailored to you!



Instant Glow Mini-Facial

Getting ready for a special occasion? Try our instant glow facial treatment. your skin will be perfectly hydrated, fresh & glowing. The perfect treatment to remove fatigue and keep your professional make-up looking fresh all day & all night.
Treatment Time: 35 minutes
Cost: $70


Student Facial

The Nelly De Vusyt laboratories understand teenagers’ basic skin care needs. good cleansing and extractions! the express treatment offers a deep cleansing that will leave skin clean and healthy!
Treatment Time: 35 minutes
Cost: $60


Signature Facial

Enjoy a moment of relaxation and entrust your skin to the Nelly De Vuyst Lsboratory experts. This signature treatment will delight your sense and pamper your skin.
Treatment Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $80


Keratolyse Vegetal Peeling

This gentle plant based peel offers deep exfoliation for maximum rejuvenation. Perfect treatment for dilated pores, scars, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Discover glowing skin!
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
Cost: $120


Bul’Mask Oxygenating Treatment

Unique to Nelly De Vuyst, the Bul’Mask oxygenating foam delivers a very high dose of oxygen directly to the skin to to facilitate epidermal exchanges and permeability. It increases penetration of Nelly De Vuyst active correctors; therefore maximizing the benefits and effects. Discover amazing results with the Bul’Mask Oxygenating Treatment!
Treatment Time:55 minutes
Cost: $120


 Red Carpet Lift Facial

This treatment offers 18% firmer skin in only 50 minutes. The synergy of Kigelia Africana blended with Quillia Saponaria delivers an instant face-lift and leaves skin hydrated and supple.
Treatment Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $180


 Purete Facial

Oily, impure and/or lifeless skin finally has its own beauty secret. Blends of seaweeds, hops, and lavender vivify the complexion and matify the skin to eliminate shiny areas and dullness. Renew your skin’s health and vitality!
Treatment Time: 45 minutes
Cost: $100


 Soothing Treatment

Specifically created to cater to the most sensitive skin, this treatment soothes and offers comfort and softness to irritated, redness prone skin. This bouquet of Lily, Hawthorn, and Lily of the Valley, reduces inflammation and renders skin that is decongested, smooth and comfortable.  
Treatment Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $90


 Rejuvan-Eyes Treatment

Age management eye contour treatment to help control the signs of aging. Wrinkles are plumped, eye contour is tightened and skin looks visibly younger in 35 minutes. 
Treatment Time: 35 minutes
Cost: $70


 Illumin-Eyes Brightening Treatment

Illuminating eye contour treatment to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and aging. Thanks to the vasoconstrictive effect of the Circulalift Eye Contour Patches, the eye looks refreshed and youthful in less than 40 minutes.
Treatment Time: 40 minutes
Cost: $75


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