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Caring for Hands and Feet

Hand and foot care is vital to promoting good health and well-being. At Heather Polak’s Aesthetics Studio we will analyze your hands and feet and make recommendations for care as needed. 


-Precision in toenail, cuticle, and sole grooming

-Sea salt scrub infused with essential oils exfoliates dead skin and heels and prepares for ideal hydration.

-A comforting massage of feet and lower legs will surely relax you and relieve tension.

-Toenails are buffed and polished with nail polish or lacquer.


-For the health and appearance of your hands and nails

-Buffing and shaping nails, followed by meticulous cuticle work. Nails, cuticles and hands are drenched in hydration.

-An invigorating sugar exfoliation to refresh your arms and hands

-Tension and stress will be washed away with a delightfully comforting hand and arm massage.

Full Gel Set with Extension | $90

Natural Gel Overlay | $70

Gel Nail Fill | $60

Gel Removal with Polish | $50

Signature Mani/Pedi | $90

Signature Mani | $45

Signature Pedi | $60

Luxury Mani/Pedi | $120

Luxury Mani | $60

Luxury Pedi | $75

Lacquer Application | $40

Lacquer Removal & Re-Apply | $45

Lacquer Add On | $20

Nail Art | $5+

Nail Health | $20