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Max Hydration Facial | $120
A big, quenching drink of water for your skin. With the dry air in the Okanagan your skin needs a good exfoliation and deep hydration. This is the refreshing treatment for you.

Skin Brightening Treatment | $175
Feeling lackluster or dull? Pigmentation an issue? This vitamin C based treatment brightens, tightens, and refines your skin. 

Dry Skin Quencher | $150
Dry skin needs not only hydration, but nourishment as well. Using a customized blend of essential oils and manual massage and oxygenation, your skin will be soft, supple, and resiliant. 

Calm & Cool Rosacea Treatment | $160
Red, hot, inflamed skin? Blemishes and bumps? This rosacea treatment will calm, cool, and give you the relief you need. The long term results from this treatment are very effective.

Purifying & Deep Cleansing | $150
Large pores, oily skin, blackheads, pink scars... This intense resurfacing, deep cleansing facial peel is exactly what you need. Extractions are absolutely included and you will not leave looking 'picked at'.

Anti-Aging Lifting Facial w/ /Peel | $175
As you age, your skin loses some of its ability to stay firm and tight. (This can also be due to health conditions and certain medications.) With proper skin care and therapeutic, medical grade treatments, we can lift, oxygenate, and increase your skin's youthful snugness.

Customized Chemical AHA/Enzyme Peel | $175-$225
Our customized chemical peels range from mild resurfacing with no down time, to medium depth peels, which result in a deep turnover of the skin. We ask that you allow our Medical Esthetician, Erin, assist you in determining which peel is best suited for you.

Back Treatment | $130
Both relaxing and stimulating, with European dry brushing and extractions of those pesky back blackheads. Get rid of dead dry skin and enjoy as we massage in essential nutrients. 

Add on Peptide Eye Treatment | $45
A little extra TLC for your eye area. Infusion of a high grade peptide serum to lift and de-puff the delicate skin around the eye. This is an additional 20 minutes added to ANY facial treatment. Results are seen immediately.