Areola Reconstructive Tattoos

Areola Reconstructive Tattoos

Heather Polak has been trained by world-renowned tattoo artist, Stace-Rae Weir in the Art of Areola Reconstructive Tattoos. She is honoured to be a part of the A.R.T. team, which freatures a select group of talented artists from Canada, United States, and Europe.

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After losing your breasts, there really is only one way to feel whole, and that’s a realistic looking tattoo of the nipple/areola complex. These days, the old ways are still being taught, where the survivor is left with just a simple brown or pink circle. No depth, texture or realism. We have pioneered an entirely new approach to this tattooing, so that survivors all over the world can feel as if they have REAL nipples on them and can finally access that last bit of emotional healing, this missing element, the daily reminder that the cancer really IS behind them, that they can finally move on.

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Unilateral | $350

Bilateral | $500

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